Managing different kinds of employees

As a business manager, you need to be able to deal with lots of different kinds of people. Even if you own a small firm, that does not mean you won't be managing diversity in the workplace. But how do you deal with each person on an individual basis? This is the question a lot of business managers have, but there are answers. U.S. News & World Report breaks down how to talk to each different kind of employee.

Baby boomers
If you are younger than some of your employees, there are ways to talk to them without feeling as though you're offending them.

"Older people want you to show an interest in their work and show respect, but they also don't want to be tracked closely. They know their jobs well and don't want you in their hair," Phyllis Mufson, a career coach and founder of Catalyst for Personal & Professional Growth, told the news provider.

According to the source, it's also important to take into account where baby boomers are in their lives. As many approach retirement age, they may want to consider scaling back their workload as a way to ease themselves into working less. Keeping an open dialogue with these employees may help you prepare for the future when they will not be around as much.

It's not just baby boomers that need special consideration, there are other generational gaps to take into account. The Wall Street Journal claims millennials can also be difficult to manage, as they could have different expectations.

Millennials reportedly have a difficult time working with a rigorous management structure, frequently choosing to skip unnecessary meetings and working on their own terms. However, the Journal reports that this generation may also want more management reviews.

In order to make sure you keep millennials on board, try taking a hands-off approach. This way, they'll feel like they're able to work at their own pace, and come to you if they need any guidance. Be sure to monitor this closely, however, as it's important not to let the business fall by the wayside in an effort to make employees happy.

By addressing the needs of different generations, it will not only make for easier management, but perhaps greater productivity.

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