Federal Supply/Service Code

The FSC (Federal Supply/Service Code) is a four-digit code used by government buying offices to classify and identify the products, supplies, and services that the government uses and buys. An understanding of which FSCs apply to your products or services is crucial to finding opportunities. For instance, you will need to know the FSCs that apply to your products in order to register to do business with the government. And since buying offices have responsibility for specific products, you can also use your FSCs to identify potential buying offices.

And since government buyers often use the registration databases to identify the companies that can meet their needs for products and services, it is important that you know all of the FSCs that apply to your company's end products so buyers can find you. Knowing the appropriate FSCs will also help you identify which buying offices issue contracts for the item.

In addition, you can do marketing research based on the FSC when reviewing the buying forecasts that the buying office issues. All four digits of a product code are numeric, for example 1015. In this example, 10 designates a weapon item. The second two numbers, 15, identify the size of the weapon item, in this instance, 75mm through 125mm.

Product service codes (PSC) are alpha/numeric, from "A" to "Z," with "I" and "O" not used. Three numbers are added to the alpha to further define what type of service is needed. For example, in the service code D308, the D3 indicates that the general type of service is Automatic Data Processing and Telecommunication Services, and the 08 indicates that the specific service is Programming Services. In another example, R608, the R means that the general type of service is Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services, and the 608 means that the specific service is Translation and Interpreting Services (including sign language).

Work Smart

Work Smart

Need help finding the FSC codes that apply to your products and services? The government issues a manual called the "Product and Services Codes Manual" that lists all the service and product codes. Look up your end product(s) in the manual and make a note of the code(s). Knowing the codes that apply to your capabilities will not only help you identify the government buying offices that have a need for your product or service, but will also help you register and search for bid opportunities.

The Product and Services Codes Manual is free. Just call the Federal Procurement Data Center at 703-773-4810 to request a copy.

You may also search for applicable FSC codes by keyword on the Internet at the Defense Logistics Information Service web site.

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