Initial Fees and Licensing Costs in Delaware

Delaware is unique because of the large number of business that choose to incorporate there. One reason is that Delaware has a long, and well-settled body of business law. Another reason is that it is very inexpensive to incorporate in Delaware. Further, the state gives corporations a high degree of flexibility with respect to corporate formalities and operations, and it has very favorable tax rules. In addition, the state makes every effort to simplify the corporate (or other business entity) formation and management process.

The cost of incorporating in Delaware varies based on the stated capital of the new corporation. Delaware doesn't require any minimum amount of capitalization to form a corporation. Forming a corporation with no capital will cost $89 for a single-page document ($9 for each additional page). To determine how much it will cost you to form a corporation in Delaware, the state provides both a fee schedule and a calculator. The schedule requires the Adobe Acrobat free reader and the calculator requires Microsoft Excel.

Other entities. Foreign corporations pay a $245 state tax and filing fee to do business in Delaware. A statement of partnership existence for a general or limited liability partnership carries a $200 state tax and filing fee. Limited partnerships are $200, while LLCs are just $90.

Business Tools

In the Business Tools area is the most recent Delaware fee schedule, setting forth the current cost to form a business entity in Delaware. It also contains the schedule of fees for other transactions, such as amending previously filed corporate documents, mergers, dissolutions, etc.

Delaware also requires that you obtain a business license and pay a licensing fee based on the nature of your business. For this reason, we recommend that you check with the state to make sure you are complying with the licensing requirements for your particular occupation or line of business.

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