New Jersey Income Tax Withholding and Administration

General Withholding Requirement: New Jersey gross income tax generally must be withheld from wages paid to resident employees for services performed either within or without the state and from wages paid to nonresident employees for services performed in the state. However, when resident employees perform all their services outside the state, their wages are subject to New Jersey withholding only to the extent the New Jersey tax exceeds the other state's withholding tax on the same wages.

Employee Withholding Exemption Forms: New Jersey Form NJ-W4 may be completed by each employee, to determine the appropriate level of state income tax to withhold from earnings, or the federal form can be substituted for state purposes. Of course, Federal Form W-4 also must be completed by each employee, to determine the appropriate level of federal income tax to withhold from earnings.

Reciprocal Agreements: New Jersey has a reciprocal agreement in effect with Pennsylvania.


Division of Taxation
Taxation Building
50 Barrack Street, 1st Floor Lobby
Trenton, New Jersey 08695
Telephone: 609-292-6400

Local Tax Jurisdictions: Newark (employer payroll tax)

Peer Comments

Payroll tax with holdings get reported quarterly

Every employer has to file a quarterly tax return to both their state and the federal government. These reports are due July 31st for April - June with holdings. If you are really this suspicious, I'd recommend checking up with your state's department of revenue to see if they are properly registered. He owes you an accounting of your paycheck too - find out who his accountant is and call him.
TOBY H from Goleta, CA - Add to my Personal PeerSphere - 5 years ago

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I am wondering if the company i work for is keeping my tax money.

I don't know how to find out if my boss is paying my taxes. For the last 6 weeks or so my boss has been telling me that he has been taking my tax money and paying it to the government. They have been giving me personal buisness checks and never giving me a pay stub. They just reccently bought the company and they tell me that they don't have payroll totally set up. But their accontant tells them what to take out and pay. I'm not sure and its been bothering me. I work very hard for my money and if their pocketing my money than I'm going to be very mad and its illegal. Its bad enough on how much the government takes so if I'm not getting my tax money than I don't want them to have it. Thank you. Sincerly Michael Campbell

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