Phillip Conrad

InfoStreet, Inc.
VP Sales
18345 Ventura Blvd.
Fourth Floor
Tarzana, CA 91356

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InfoStreet is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider. Widely regarded as a SaaS pioneer, as early as 1994, InfoStreet began shaping a vision, a team and a technology which is now transforming the way business gets done.

InfoStreet fully delivers the benefits of SaaS to tens of thousands through its rich, web-based, IT, Productivity and Groupware oriented software applications.

InfoStreet's SaaS platform, StreetSmart, complete with functions such as Virus and SPAM protected Email, Email Archiving, Calendar, Tasks, CRM, File Sharing, Knowledge Base, Mailing Lists, Portal, Web Site Publishing and more, is fully hosted and managed, enabling it to seamlessly blend with or become any organization's IT infrastructure.

StreetSmart is Small Business productivity software. Everything that you need to manage email, current and potential clients, employees, projects, and other essential business activities can be done with only a web browser and an Internet connection. That’s all you need. No expensive servers, no high priced consultants. Plus you have secure access to your mission critical information from whenever you have an internet connection.  StreetSmart, as low as $10.00/ month, is a winning solution for your small business.

Focus On What You Do Best
Because StreetSmart eliminates expensive hardware purchases, license renewals and the pain of software updates you can invest your capital and resources where they matter. So while you focus on your core competency ‑ your small business, we make sure you have the latest and greatest technology to efficiently run your company.

Increase Company Productivity
Every day small businesses everywhere lose thousands upon thousands of dollars from employee inefficiency. But StreetSmart’s Smart Apps help you manage critical business activities and the people involved like never before so that you can watch your productivity soar.

Hand Holding All The Way
Here at InfoStreet we know that one of the hardest things for a small business is finding affordable solutions that really work for your company. StreetSmart’s Smart Apps are incredibly flexible so that they will fit into your environment. And we’ll provide you with a StreetSmart expert, a Launch Manager, whose job is to make sure that StreetSmart is set up to correctly match your company’s needs.

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